Tropica Specialised Nutrition Plant Fertiliser

Tropica Specialised Nutrition Plant Fertiliser

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We love the Tropica fertiliser range. Some brands require quite a few different bottles to achieve desired results but this is a great all-in-one fertiliser.

Having a pump dispenser is ideal so that you don't have to play around filling bottle caps and the dosage is quick and easy meaning you are more likely to keep to a stable routine.

Liquid fertilisers are key for boosting the growth of plants that take their nutrients from the water column.

Tropica's Specialised Nutrition contains iron, magnesium and vital micro nutrients. It also contains nitrogen and phosphor for fast growing and nutrient demanding plants.

Tropica Specialised Nutrition is shrimp safe.


What is the difference between 'Premium Nutrition & Specialised Nutrition'? 

Specialised Nutrition contains Nitrate and phosphate, it is designed for use in an aquarium that is heavily planted, with less fish. If your aquarium is less heavily planted go for Premium Nutrition.


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