About Us

About Labyrinth Aquatics:

Labyrinth Aquatics is a premium aquarium plant and supplies business. Only products we would personally use are sold on this site. We offer home-grown and tissue culture aquatic plants, both are guaranteed to be pest free and alive on delivery. Also offered are a variety of aquarium themed gift ideas, hardscape and essential fishkeeping supplies by leading suppliers.


About Laurence:

Hi I'm Laurence, the owner of Labyrinth Aquatics. A few years ago I re-discovered my childhood love of the fish keeping hobby but now with an adult perspective.

There are so many benefits to fish keeping, it gives you the opportunity to keep pets, cultivate plants, have a small slice of nature within your own home and to slow down and relax. I love that there's so much to learn about and try out, and aquascaping is a fantastic creative outlet.

I've spent a lot of time learning about the hobby, the products on offer online and have visited many aquatic stores across the country. Unfortunately I have often found the customer service and sometimes the quality of merchandise lacking. I couldn't help thinking 'I wouldn't do it that way..'

Labyrinth Aquatics is born from my love for this hobby but also my desire to give something back to the fishkeeping community, it gives me somewhere to channel my interest (as my family can only talk about fish so much!) and maybe right some of the wrongs in the industry. A purchase from this website helps me to subsidise my hobby and keep doing what I love.

Thank you so much for reading my story, I truly appreciate your custom and am always open to your feedback and ideas, you can message me anytime at: info@labyrinthaquatics.com  :)


Best Wishes,