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Pogostemon Helferi (Little Star)

Pogostemon Helferi (Little Star)

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A portion of Pogostemon Helferi 'Little Star'.

A very cool plant originally from Thailand, it's crinkled leaves and unique shape create a lovely contrast with other plants in the aquarium. Grows best with CO2 and high light for compact growth but this is not essential.

Lovingly home grown, the size of the portion will be 7 pieces (pieces with roots will be given where possible).

Only shrimp safe fertilizer has been used.

Grown emersed but in very humid conditions to ensure quick adaption to the aquarium.

As an extra bonus they have not been grown in rockwool so are clean and much less hassle to prepare.

We recommend plants are posted 1st class to ensure their condition stays great. It will be dispatched on the closest Tuesday or Friday. 

Guaranteed 100% pest and duckweed free.

Guaranteed live on arrival or your money back (see live on arrival T&Cs)


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